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Stephen attended the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in Beijing, China yesterday. I have added 4 high-quality photos into the gallery.

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Stephen Amell this week laid eyes on the script for the first episode of Arrow Season 5, and he liked what he saw.

The superhero series’ star shared in a recent Facebook Live chat that based on reading said script and then chatting with fight coordinator James Bamford, who is directing the new season’s first two episodes, the premiere “has the opportunity for us to have the most vicious, violent one-shot in the history of network television” — meaning a long, continuous take with no cuts (a la Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s late-season Daisy fight scene, or, in non-network examples, Banshee‘s infamous Nola vs. Burton car fight, or either of Daredevil‘s epic oners over on Netflix).

“If [the premiere] is any indication, Arrow is going to be f–king mean this year,” he added, “and that’s really exciting.” (Amell later made clear, in response to a commenter’s question, that the tone is “not ‘evil,’ just meaner.”)

Amell also teased a “slightly modified version” of the Arrow costume, plus an appearance by “someone that we haven’t seen in two full seasons. So there’s that.” (Before you blurt out, “Sla-a-a-a-ade!!!,” remember that he popped up midway through Season 3.)

Fielding a flurry of other questions, Amell had “no comment” on any Legends of Tomorrow characters appearing in Arrow‘s premiere (which he summed up with the word “legacy”); shared his enthusiasm for The Flash‘s Season 3 premiere title, then said the “Flashpoint” storyline “certainly could” affect Arrow; and when asked, “What about Olicity?,” he playfully hedged, “What about it…?”

Source: TVLine

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Robbie attended the 2016 iHeartRADIO MuchMusic Video Awards two days ago. I have added high-quality photos into the gallery, as well as 2 photos from 2 separate events he attended last June 16th.

ArrowSeason 5Stephen

The CW has announced the premiere dates for their Fall 2016 line-up, and Arrow Season 5 will premiere on October 5th. Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, Oct. 4
8 pm The Flash

Wednesday, Oct. 5
8 pm Arrow

Thursday, Oct. 6
8 pm iHeartRadio Music Festival — Night 1

Friday, Oct. 7
8 pm iHeartRadio Music Festival — Night 2

Monday, Oct. 10
8 pm Supergirl
9 pm No Tomorrow (special encore)

Thursday, Oct. 13
8 pm DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
9 pm Supernatural

Monday, Oct. 17
9 pm Jane the Virgin

Friday, Oct. 21
8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Appearances & EventsRobbie & Stephen

Stephen and Robbie were at the City of Heroes convention last May 15th. 98 photos have been added into our gallery. Huge thanks to Abby at Katie Cassidy Online for sharing these photos with us!

Appearances & EventsRobbie

Robbie attended the Virtual Reality and Gaming VIP party hosted by Alienware yesterday in Los Angeles, California. I have added photos into the gallery.

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Stephen was at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia the past two days. I have added high-quality photos into the gallery.