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I have updated the gallery with high-quality stills from the crossover “Crisis On Earth-X.”

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ArrowLegends of TomorrowSeason 6SupergirlTelevision ShowsThe Flash

The heroes of DC’s TV shows are ready to punch, kick, and laser-blast some Nazis. In the new extended trailer for the second annual four-show crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a raiding party of DC superheroes go up against an army of Nazis from the dark, alternate Earth-X. Welcome to “Crisis on Earth-X.”

In “Crisis on Earth-X,” premiering November 27 on the CW, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) tries to celebrate his wedding with Iris (Candice Patton), until the ceremony is crashed by Nazi soldiers. In the trailer, the heroes immediately spring into action, kicking off the next big crossover that may somehow manage to top last year’s invasion by the Dominators.

In the trailer, the Green Arrow, White Canary, Supergirl, and The Flash lead their cohorts against Prometheus-X and Overgirl, superbeings from the Nazi-controlled Earth-X. Influenced by a number of comics, including Justice League of America, 52, Final Crisis, and The Multiversity, Earth-X is a world where the Nazis won World War II and superheroes are aligned with the world’s most plausible threat to democracy.


The four-part episode, airing over two nights, will unite practically every masked avenger introduced in this interconnected universe. It’s easier to say who isn’t going to appear, which sadly there are a few. J’onn J’onzz, aka Martian Manhunter (David Harewood), seems MIA, while John Diggle, aka Spartan (David Ramsey) may be left out due to his debilitating tremors. Also missing is Guardian (Mechad Brooks), who hasn’t actually suited up as his shielded vigilante in National City in some time.


I have add some photoshoot that was missing to the gallery.

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I have updated the gallery with high-quality stills from the 2 latest episode of Arrow.


ArrowLegends of TomorrowStephenSupergirlThe Flash


In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations that have been levied against television producer Andrew Kreisberg, many actors involved with The CW’s DC Comics-based series have come out with statements regarding the incident.

Now Arrow star Stephen Amell posted a video to his personal Facebook page, revealing his thoughts on Warner Bros. Television Group’s investigation into the claims made by 19 different crew members. Check out the video here.

“I wanted to make a brief comment about everything that’s been going on in the news,” began Amell. “I have no interest in speaking about an ongoing investigation — but if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m sure you can figure it out — other than to say WB is conducting an investigation into what is being alleged against one of the producers on our show and if they need my help in any way, shape, or form, they will get it.

“I thought that it was important before I spoke to you or before I spoke publicly, to speak with our cast and crew, which I got to do this morning. I certainly can’t pontificate in an eloquent way or in such a succinct manner like Emily [Bett Rickards] didlike Melissa [Benoist] did, like Caity Lotz did. I stand behind and fully support everything that they said.

“Our biggest asset on Arrow is our crew. Furthermore, their biggest strength and our biggest strength, is working on it as a team. I think that we can do this because we promote and we champion a safe and progressive work environment. I told them this morning, and I tell you now, and I meant it, that if anyone ever feels anything less than 100 percent safe or anyone feels as though they aren’t allowed to express themselves and be the person that they are,that they should come to whomever they’re supposed to go to, and I’ll stand right beside them, right behind them. I’ll speak on their behalf, if need be.

“I also think that in situations like this, if you’re not an active part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. Period. That’s it. We do our best to have the best possible work environment. We will continue to do so. Again, I echo the statements made by my friend and coworker Emily Bett Rickards, Caity Lotz, Melissa Benoist and the chorus of others that have come forward and called for a safe, progressive, equal working environment.”

Amell’s comments come after Kreisberg was suspended from his duties, which include showrunning The Flash

Warner Bros. has yet to reveal whether their investigation has concluded, so no result has been released yet.