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Stephen Amell On Taking Care Of The Fans On Facebook

Access Hollywood   |   Written by Jolie Lash

“Arrow” gets another “Spartacus” alum in its ranks on Wednesday’s episode of The CW drama when Katrina Law makes her debut as Nyssa al Ghul. And, according to series star Stephen Amell, she packs a powerful punch.
But before we got to finding out more about the League of Assassins member (and daughter of the much talked about, but not yet seen Ra’s al Ghul), AccessHollywood.com took some time to talk to Stephen about his rather impressive social media presence.

For fans who haven’t yet joined him on his Facebook page, the actor is quickly approaching 1 million fans thanks to the attention he pays the faithful. Stephen regularly posts video musings from his “Arrow” trailer, takes on fan Q&As and lets people in on his personal life too – posting pics of his family.
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Stephen addressed what prompted him to get so involved when we spoke with him last week.

I wanted to ask you about your Facebook page. You have sort of taken this upon yourself and totally blown it up. … Now you’re inching ever closer to a million followers.

Yeah, it’s cool.

Was it your idea to really interact with people in the way that you are or did you take inspiration from somebody?

You know, I was actually reading an article in, I think it was Esquire, on George Clooney and how Clooney’s signature is that he is not accessible. There’s no real way to get to him and I thought to myself, ‘OK, well… what if I did the opposite? What if I made myself entirely accessible? What if I made myself as approachable as possible and what if I tried to, you know, really re-do the way that a celebrity would handle their Facebook page?’ I mean, I’m share a lot of details, but 98 percent of my life is still private. It’s also an interesting way to get out ahead of things. My wife and I just had a daughter — and I think it’s sort of weird [that] paparazzi [want] to take a picture of her when we’re out. That’s sort of strange, but that is lessened if I take a picture and I put it on the page and you sort of control the narrative for yourself. And also, just being on set, and spending long days on set, it’s just refreshing and rejuvenating to scroll through comments on Facebook and see how people are discovering and continuing to enjoy the show. It makes me feel good, so I’m going to keep doing it.

Back at Comic-Con when we interviewed you and Robbie Amell together, there was talk of having a family viewing party of the two shows… Did this end up happening?

We have not had a moment yet where we are both available to sit down on a Wednesday night and do an Amell Wednesday. I’m either working or he’s working. But you know what? I feel like before the season finales this year, we should do that. We should sit down and watch ‘em live and that would be awesome.

When I talk to people who haven’t seen ‘Arrow,’ I describe it as a ’42-minute movie.’ And that made me curious if you guys have thought about — or if there have been talks of doing a two-hour event episode, where it doesn’t continue next week, but they bump ‘The Tomorrow People’ and you have a two-hour episode event.

Oh my God! (laughs) So much work! I don’t know if there’s ever been talk about doing a two-hour episode, but I remember in our first season, John Behring directed our sixth episode — it’s called ‘Legacies’ — and when I met him while we were shooting our fifth episode, he said, ‘We are here to make a 42-minute motion picture feature film,’ and… that’s our goal. Getting into these episodes that we have coming up — 12, 13, 14… and 15, especially — they are cinematic. That’s what we’re going for and we’re certainly not going to pull things back. We keep trying to up the level of our episodes and we will continue to. That’s our goal. That’s what keeps us moving.

I certainly wouldn’t mind watching two hours of ‘Arrow’ on a Wednesday night.

I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Listen, I’d love to do a two hour season finale. Last year’s season finale could have been two hours with the amount of footage that we shot and I remember actually seeing it in a 42 minute structure and being a little bit – disappointed is the wrong word – but I knew that there was so much more stuff that we just literally could not fit and keep on television.

In this new episode, we finally have Katrina Law coming in…

Oh God, she’s awesome. She is really good. She kicks ass on the show and I really hope we get a chance to have her back and maybe she can bring her dad!

That would be something I think people would be [very excited about]. What does she bring to the role of Nyssa?

She has a very unexpected and pretty alarming connection to someone in Starling City and I’ll promise you this — it’s not what you think.

So it’s not Sarah Lance she has the connection with?

No, it is Sarah Lance, because Nyssa’s a member of the League of Assassins, but the way that she’s connected to Sarah, I certainly didn’t see coming even when I was reading the script.

Source: Access Hollywood