Stephen Amell To Lead NBC Drama Pilot ‘Suits L.A.’

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Stephen Amell is suiting up. The actor will lead NBC’s upcoming “Suits” spinoff, “Suits: LA.”

DEADLINE: Arrow star Stephen Amell is set as the lead in NBC drama pilot Suits L.A., a new extension of the Suits universe from Aaron Korsh, creator and writer of the original series. Production is scheduled to start in late March in Vancouver.

Suits L.A. centers on Ted Black (Amell), a former federal prosecutor from New York, who has reinvented himself representing the most powerful clients in Los Angeles. His firm is at a crisis point, and in order to survive he must embrace a role he held in contempt his entire career. Ted is surrounded by a group of characters who test their loyalties to both Ted and each other while they can’t help but mix their personal and professional lives. All of this is going on while events from years ago slowly unravel that led Ted to leave behind everything and everyone he loved.

Amell’s Ted Black is described as a charismatic force of nature who puts his own needs above others. Fifteen years ago, the former New York prosecutor joined forces with his old buddy, Stuart Lane, to build an L.A. law firm that specializes in criminal and entertainment law.

Suits: L.A. is not be a reboot or revival but a brand extension in the vein of the CSI and NCIS franchises featuring new characters in a new location.

Korsh executive produces alongside David Bartis, Doug Liman and Gene Klein, who were EPs with him on the original series. Victoria Mahoney directs and executive produces the pilot. UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, is the studio.

Amell, best known for the lead role of Oliver Queen on CW’s Arrow, most recently starred in Starz’s hit wrestling drama series Heels. He’ll next be seen in the Netflix film Code 8: Part II, which he also produced.

He is repped by UTA, Leverage Management and Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern.

‘Code 8 Part II’ Trailer

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Netflix has released the first official trailer for Code 8 sequel Code 8 Part II, starring Stephen and Robbie Amell.

In this sequel to Code 8, Connor (Robbie Amell) is out of prison and working as a janitor at a community center, having cut ties with his former criminal associate Garrett (Stephen Amell). Connor’s attempt at staying out of trouble is destroyed when he’s forced to help 14-year-old Pav (Sirena Gulamgaus) escape from a pack of corrupt officers led by Sergeant King (Alex Mallari Jr.). King uses the newly launched robotic K9’s to track Pav down, while Connor finds himself once again reaching out to Garrett and his crew for help, but can he trust the man who landed him in prison in the first place?

Directed by Jeff Chan, Code 8 Part II is on Netflix February 28.

‘Calamity Jane’ Trailer

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Watch the first trailer for Calamity Jane, the revenge action film bringing the former Arrowverse stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards back together.

After Wild Bill is killed in a poker game, Calamity Jane must break out of prison and seek revenge before the Deadwood’s Sheriff can arrest them.

Calamity Jane releases in theaters and on digital on February 2.

See Stephen and Robbie Amell return in electrifying ‘Code 8: Part II’ photos

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EW can exclusively reveal a sneak peek at the cousins’ action-packed sequel to 2019’s “Code 8,” which debuts on Netflix next month.

EW – Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell are turning up the heat in their Code 8 sequel.

EW can exclusively reveal that sci-fi movie Code 8: Part II will hit Netflix next month on Feb. 28. Before that happens, check out a sneak peek at the film in a new batch of electrifying photos.

“When I got to see it for the first time, I got to the end of it, and I was like, ‘I want more. I want more,'” Stephen tells EW. “The whole experience feels like we graduated, it’s been extraordinary.”

“We were able to make the first movie thanks to the passion of the 30,000 fans who backed us — we wouldn’t be here without them,” Robbie says. “Having the opportunity to bring them along on the next part of Connor and Garrett’s story, but without asking for anything in return is just incredible.”

After the super-powered cousins first starred together in the CW’s Arrowverse as DC Comics heroes, they went on to bring their sci-fi passion project to life in a 2016 proof-of-concept short. Their resulting Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which sought to raise $200,000 to make a full-length movie, raised an overwhelming $2.4 million. So the Amells created, starred in, and released Code 8 in 2019.

Now, after a stalled continuation with a now-canceled Quibi series, they’re debuting the official sequel film on Netflix, which they produced. “When I see the opening credits, that one little shot that comes up that says ‘Producers’ and then it says ‘Robbie and Stephen Amell,’ I get goosebumps whenever that happens,” Stephen says. “It’s really cool.”

“Jeff [Chan], our director, is very good at blending genres so it’s got the excitement, but you have these real characters and real relationships that you care about, because if you don’t care about them, then the powers mean nothing,” Robbie says. “He’s amazing at creating these worlds and these stories where you’re invested in the people. And then, we get an incredible visual effects team, we get to have some very cool action scenes, and we deliver the entertainment factor because at the end of the day, that’s the goal.”

Code 8 Part II picks up after the events of the first movie, which introduced a gritty world where 4 percent of the population is born with supernatural abilities. Instead of being loved as superheroes, these power-enabled people face discrimination and live in poverty, often resorting to crime.

Connor Reed (Robbie), a power-enabled young man, was lured into the lucrative criminal world by Garrett (Stephen), who helped Connor sharpen his powers in order to execute a series of crimes on behalf of a drug kingpin, while a militarized police unit hunted them down.

The sequel, EW has learned, is a different story entirely from what would’ve been the Quibi spinoff. We now find Connor working as a janitor as he attempts to distance himself from Garrett. But when a 14-year-old named Pav (Sirena Gulamgaus) is targeted by corrupt police officers after investigating the wrongful death of her brother, Connor is forced to re-team with Garrett, the person who destroyed his life, to help the young girl.

“Code 8 – Part II” Official Teaser

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The reunion we’ve all been waiting for is here. In a world where 4% of the population are born with abnormal powers and heavily policed by high-tech robotics, an ex-con teams up with the drug lord he despises to protect a young girl from a corrupt police sergeant. Robbie and Stephen Amell star in Code 8 Part II.

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