Hero Nation Podcast: Stephen Amell On ‘Heels’ Debut, ‘Arrow’ Exit, ‘Code 8’ Sequel Status; ‘Black Widow’ Suit & MCU

[ Written on August 05 2021 by Admin ]

In this episode of Deadline’s #HeroNationPodcast: Stephen Amell is promoting ‘Heels’ debut, talk about ‘Arrow’ exit & ‘Code 8’ sequel status.

DEADLINE: “When I started Arrow, if you are thinking of things like a pie chart, it was 90% about the creativity, and it was 10% about being able to eventually buy a house and pay a mortgage,” says Stephen Amell on today’s Hero Nation podcast of his thinking behind exiting the long running CW series a few years ago. “By the time we got to Season 6 and Season 7, I felt as if the pie chart had almost completely reversed itself where it was 90% about the financial incentive and 10% about the creativity.”

Well known for being a forthright guy, the star of the about to premiere Heels is refreshingly blunt on the podcast about where he’s been in his career and where he wants to go – getting very very specific and personal.

Offering a full 360° perspective on his choices and chops, Amell talks about the August 15 debuting Starz wrestling family drama and advice he received from Greg Berlanti on the Michael Waldron created project. Insisting on context, the man who portrayed Oliver Queen for eight years on the CW and helped birth the Arrowverse of the multiple Berlanti produced series, also is very open about his decision to leave Arrow – and how it took longer than he anticipated. Want to know what’s going on with the Code 8 sequel for Netflix? We have answers there too – so listen in.

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