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VIDEO: Stephen Amell Reads Thirst Tweets

[ Written on August 12 2021 by Admin ]

Stephen Amell sat down with BuzzFeed to read the thirstiest tweets about himself the Internet has to offer. So, what does he think about the collective obsession with his posterior? Watch the video to find out, and don’t forget to catch Stephen in “Heels,” premiering August 15!

VIDEO: Interviews and Press Junkets for ‘Heels’

[ Written on August 12 2021 by Admin ]

Heels is almost among us! Over the last few days Stephen has been giving interviews to promote the series. In this post you will find a compilation of videos of these interviews. Click on ‘Continue reading’

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Heels: Why Fans Should Be Excited For The Show

[ Written on August 10 2021 by Admin ]

The characters, the story, and of course, the wrestling. These are only a few of the reasons why you should be excited for Heels. Don’t miss the premiere August 15 on STARZ.

Heels: Cast Wrestling Entrance Songs

[ Written on August 09 2021 by Admin ]

The Heels cast has a wide variety of music tastes. How about you? What would your ring entrance song be? Don’t miss the premiere of Heels August 15 on STARZ.

Heels: Training for the Show

[ Written on August 07 2021 by Admin ]

The Heels cast worked worked tirelessly to make sure they brought you the best of the best performance. Get a behind the scenes look at their intense workout routines in the DWL gym. Don’t miss the premiere of Heels August 15 on STARZ.

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