Stephen Amell & Neville defeat Stardust & King Barrett

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After months of a heated social media exchange and one very physical encounter, the rivalry between the star of the hit show “Arrow” – Stephen Amell – and Stardust finally came to a head at SummerSlam. Teamed with Neville, Amell vanquished Stardust and King Barrett at The Biggest Party of the Summer in his in-ring debut.

As the multiverse collided and the epic crossover commenced, Neville waited at the entranceway for his tag team partner. Amell didn’t disappoint and stunned both the WWE Universe and comic book fans alike when he entered Barclays Center donning his iconic Green Arrow hood and jacket. Underneath the Emerald Archer garb, Amell was sporting his latest charity T-shirt – the only official “Amell vs. Stardust” shirt. (The shirt is available at represent.com/amellstardust until the conclusion of Monday Night Raw. All proceeds benefit the Toronto-based Emily’s House for children.)

Beginning on Memorial Day on Raw with a tense stare down, Amell and The Prince of Dark Matter engaged in an intense social media war as Stardust searched for the hero to his villain. Months later Stardust attacked his WWE rival Neville following a bout with King Barrett. After the brazen attack he turned to Amell at ringside and pushed him in the face. In turn, Amell hopped the barricade and took down his arch-nemesis – ultimately leading to a match at SummerSlam.

While he was certainly dressed for his latest role, Amell didn’t take the daunting task before him lightly. During a SummerSlam Kickoff interview alongside his tag team partner, the “Arrow” star was well aware of the risk involved and his inexperience inside the squared circle even though he often performs his own stunts on “Arrow.” Still, he and Neville remained confident, certain to let actions speak louder than words and tweets.

That’s exactly what happened when the dynamic duos finally met inside the ring. Though The Prince of Dark Matter and The Cosmic King donned their new villainous capes, the evildoers were caught off-guard by the quickness of Neville early on before Barrett made the tag to Stardust.

As The Prince of Dark Matter jumped over the ropes into the squared circled, he called for Amell. Neville obliged making the call and Amell mocked his rival and jumped over the ropes to confront him. The Prince of Dark Matter pushed Amell who impressively kipped up and kicked his rival in the chest.

Stardust tried to overpower Amell, but the athletic Hollywood star held his own, showing off his rigorous training regimen and proving that he does belong in a WWE ring. Not expecting Amell’s physicality, Stardust tagged in his partner who took control of the bout. With Amell reeling, the cosmic evildoers made it their goal to make the TV star regret stepping into the ring.

Barrett and Stardust worked to dismantle Amell, but the star of “Arrow” kept fighting, countering Stardust’s overconfidence with an enzuigiri and making the tag to Neville. The Man that Gravity Forgot regained control of the match. As he removed the dastardly duo from the ring and prepared to leap over the top rope, Amell called his partner off. In a jaw-dropping move, Amell proved he may very well be the Green Arrow and leapt from the top rope to the outside taking down both his opponents. Tossing Barrett back in the ring, Neville executed the Red Arrow and secured the pinfall.

When the final bell rang, Amell and Neville stood victorious; undoubtedly the heroes Stardust and King Barrett were looking for. At SummerSlam, Stardust failed this city.

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