Video: ‘Arrow’ Deleted Scene: With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?

[ Written on September 18 2015 by admin ]

A deleted scene from the Arrow Season 3 DVD set — out Sept. 22 — contains an interesting tidbit from early in the season that gets Oliver and Maseo (Karl Yune) a little too close to comfort.

In Episode 2 of the season, Tommy (Colin Donnell) comes to Hong Kong on a tip that his best friend may still be alive. Oliver is ordered to assassinate him, but instead he kidnaps him and tricks him into giving up the search.

The moment between Oliver and Maseo in the deleted scene is sweet — “True friends are hard to come by in this world,” says Maseo — but it makes sense that it wouldn’t make it to air. Much of the tension from the Hong Kong flashbacks comes from two often opposing desires: Oliver’s need to escape and Maseo’s need to keep his family safe. Creating such a close bond that early would have made those scenes a little duller and maybe even cheapened the sacrifice Maseo is forced to make later in the season.

Source: Yahoo TV

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