Stephen Amell is NOT in the Flash Series Finale

[ Written on April 07 2023 by Admin ]

Stephen Amell has confirmed that he is not in the Flash series finale.

Stephen Amell returns to his Arrow role as Oliver Queen in the Wednesday, April 26 episode of The Flash titled “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To,” and if you’re holding out to see him again in the Flash series finale a few weeks later, you might end up disappointed.

We spoke with Stephen recently about his return for an interview that we will be running in full closer to the April 26 episode. One thing he did not dance around was the notion of whether or not he would be in the Flash finale.

“Don’t anticipate me in the in the series finale. This was it,” he told us. “We very purposely took the time to do [Oliver’s appearance] before the series finale, because the series finale should not be about where Oliver is, and what he’s doing, and his relationship with Barry. It should be about Barry’s relationship to Central City, and to Team Flash, and to Iris, and to his family, and his journey. I wouldn’t want to take away from that at all.”Flash TV News

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